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There are many maps on this web site. Collectively they present a pictorial history of human migration, increasing social organization, and changing land management and land-use. 

For convenience the maps that appear on the site are presented here in more or less chronological order within topic.  They show, in summary form, the changing face of the world and the continent of Australia.

The Australian story begins with the arrival of humans on the north coast and migration across the continent to form hundreds of language groups or ‘nations’.  It shows the first tentative maritime exploration by Europeans in the 18th century as the Dutch, British and French in turn make an asessment of what the land might hold.  Followed subsequently by British settlement between 1788 and 1826 on all four major coaslines.  European coastal exploration, establishment of coastal settlements and inland exploration, followed by the claiming of land for farming and pasture along with the opening up of land by roads, railways and airports.

Human migration

Australia’s First People

European maritime exploration of Australia

Inland exploration of Australia

First published on the internet – 28 August 2020

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