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Coffee timeline


c. 1450
– Recorded as a popular drink in Yemen
c.1510 – available in Mecca and Cairo
1605 – Pope Clement VIII declares coffee acceptable to Christians
1652 – First coffeehouse opened in London. By 1663 the number reaching 83
1660s – First coffeehouses in Amsterdam and the Hague; by 1663 London has 83
1671 – France’s first coffeehouse opens in Marseilles but by 1700 many had opened
1680-1730 – London becomes the world’s coffee hub
1722 – The British Coffee House established, where Scottish intellectuals would meet and Adam Smith would write his Wealth of Nations
1732-1735 – Johann Sebastian Bach composes the Coffee Cantata
1750 – Paris has 600 Coffeehouses
1773 – Strategy for the Boston tea Party hatched in Boston’s Green Dragon Coffee House
1776 – American Declaration of Independance first announced in Philadelphia’s Merchant Coffee House

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