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How do I cite an article from PlantsPeoplePlanet?


If you find articles on this web site interesting or useful then they can be acknowledged by citing them in your publications. The format of a citation will vary according to the style requirements of the journal, book, web site or other place of publication where the citation will appear.

However, it should include: the name of the author, the title, and URL of the page. Web pages are often revised so also quote the date of web publication of the ‘active’ page (where this is given), and the date that you accessed the page. This protocol is especially important when content is quoted.


For example:


Spencer, R. The land. Published on the web, 1 March 2019. Accessed 17 August 2020.


Many web sites are archived at


General bibliographic information:

• Title: Plants, People, Planet
• Principal Editor and Publisher: Roger Spencer
• World Wide Web URL:

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For suggested formatting of web citations see also Mendeley ‘How to Cite a Website

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