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Australian 19C garden literature


1806 – Howe, G. (1806) New South Wales pocket almanack and colonial remembrance. Contains the Aust. Gardening guide, Repr. Mulini Press, Canberra, 1980.
1828 – Fraser, E. (1828) Catalogue of the fruits cultivated in the Government Botanic Garden at Sydney, New South Wales. Gardeners magazine 5: 280.
1835 – Shepherd, T.W. (1835) Lectures on the horticulture of New South Wales, Sydney. William McGarvie,
delivered at the Mechanics School of Arts, Sydney.
1836 – Shepherd, T.W. (1836) Lectures on lands cape gardening in Australia. W. McGarvie, Sydney
1838 – Bunce, D. (1838) The Australian manual of horticulture. Hunter, Melbourne. Later editions: 2nd 1850; 3rd 1851; 4th 1857.
1838 – Bunce, D. (1838). Manual of practical gardening adapted to the climate of Van Diemen’s Land .. W.G. E11liston, Hobart Town.
1843 – Macarthur, W. (1843) Catalogue of plants cultivated at Camden. Welch, Sydney. Other editions: 1845, 1850, 1857
1843 – McEwin, G. (1843). South Australian vigneron and gardeners’ manual. James A1len, Adelaide.
1845 – Dickinson, J. (1845) Catalogue of annual and herbaceous plants. W.M. Gore
E1liston, Melbourne.
1854 – Smith, Adamson & Co. (1854) The colonial gardener, being a guide to the routine of gardening in Australia … Goodhugh & Trembath, Melbourne.
1855 – Dickinson, J. (1855) The wreath: a gardener’s manual, arranged for the climate
of Tasmania. Ed. J. Morgan. “Colonial Times” Office, Hobart.
185? – Sinclair, J. (185?). Beauties of Victoria in 1856 containing notices of two hundred of the principal gardens round Melbourne (Melbourne?) (Melbourne?)
1856 – Wood, J.F. (1856) The South Australian horticulturist and magazine of agriculture, botany and natural history. S.E. Roberts, Adelaide.
1857 – Sinclair, J. (1857?) Everyman his own gardener. Bound Manuscript. (c. 1866)
1859 – Australian gardener: being a complete system of gardening practices in
Victoria. The earliest edition so far traced is the 4th of 1859 and was probably issued by Smith and Adamson, Nurserymen of Melbourne. Subsequent editions, with a slightly variant title, were written
by W. Adamson. Still later editions were edited by other people, among them being A.C. Sturrock and F.H. Brunning. Similarly, later editions became known as “Adamson’s Australian gardener” and
been ascertained, other “Brunnings Australian gardener”. As far as has editions to 1900, are:
5th, 1860; 6th, 1862; 7th, 1863; 8th, 1872; 9th, 1875; 10th, 1879; 11th, 1884; 12th, 1888; 13th, 1891; 14th, 1896.
1859 – Sinclair, J. (1859) Australian gardenrs’ chronicle, or calendar of operations for every month of the year in the kitchen garden. Melbourne.
1859 – McMi1lan, T. (1859) Rule’s economical gardening for cottagers … J.J. Rule, Melbourne.
1860 – Cole, T.C. (1860) Cole’s gardening in Victoria; containing full directions for the formation and general management of a good garden W. Fairfax, Melbourne.
1860 – Colonial handbook for farmers and gardeners (1860) Victorian Agricultural and Horticultural Gazette Office, Geelong.
1862 – Smith, G. (1862). The cottage gardener: comprising the kitchen, fruit and flower garden … Comb & Co., Ballarat.
1866 – Johnson, T. (1866) The culture of the rose. Blundell & Ford, Melbourne. This is a 3 vol. 32 page catalogue of about 150 roses, mostly old hybrid perpetuals. It contains a preface by Mueller written from M.B.G. Sept. 12, 1866
1869 – Lang, T. (1869) List of garden implements. Melbourne.
(?1870) – Law, Somner & Co. (?) Handbook to the garden for New South Wales. W. Maddock, Sydney. Later edition, (n.d.) Anderson, Hall & Co. Sydney.
1864 – Law, Somner & Co. (1864). General catalogue with calendar of gardening operations. Clarson, Shallard & Co., Melbourne.
1867 – Law, Somner & Co. (1867) Live fences: the osage orange and other hedge plants. Law, Somner, Sydney.
1870 – Walch, J. & Sons (1870) Hand book of Garden and Greenhouse Culture in Tasmania. J. Walch & Sons, Hobart.
1875 – Mackay, A. (1875) The semi-tropical agriculturist and colonist’s guide: plain words upon station, farm and garden work, housekeeping and the useful pursuits of colonists. Slater, Brisbane. Other editions: 2nd 1890; (3rd) 1897.
1879 – Sturrock, A.C. (1879) The Australian gardeners’ guide: an epitome for the colony of Victoria. New edition. G. Robertson, Melbourne.
1879 – Hylde, R.T. (1879) On annuals, basket plants and climbers. Adelaide
1880 – Treseder Bros. (1880) The garden. A.W. Beard, Sydney. 2nd ed. by J.G. Treseder (1884) C. Jerrems, Sydney.
1871 – Heyne, E.B. (1871) The fruit flower and vegetable garden. Andrews, Thomas & Clark, Adelaide. Later editions under the title “The amateur gardener of the fruit, flower and Vegetable Garden: 2nd 187?, 3rd 1881 4th 1886
1878 – Crichton, D. (1878) The Australian horticultural magazine and garden guide.
1880 – Brown, J.E. (1880). Report on a system of planting the Adelaide park lands illustrated by plans
and sketches. R.K. Thomas, Adelaide.
1881 – Brown, J.E. (1881) A practical treatise on tree culture in South Australia. Government Printer, Adelaide. Later editions: 2nd 1881 (reprint of 1st); 3rd 1886
1884 – Handbook of garden and greenhouse culture in Tasmania. (1884) 2nd ed Hobart.
1880 – Law, Somner & Co. (1880). Handbook to the garden and farm for Victoria, Law,
Somner, Melbourne.
1889 – Law, Somner &Co. (1889) Handbook to the garden and the farm, a guide to Australian
cultivators. Melbourne
1886 – 1907 – Campbell, W.S. (1907) Australian home gardening: flower and vegetable tables. Sydney.
1886 – Clarson, W. (1886) Kitchen garden and cottagers manual. Melbourne.
1890 – James, H.A. (1890) Practical horticulture for Australian readers. Turner and Henderson, Sydney.
1891-1892 – James, H.A. (1891-2). Handbook of Australian horticulture: in twelve monthly parts. Turner and Henderson, Sydney.
1893 – Browne, M.M. (Mrs Rolf Boldrewood) (1893) The flower garden in Australia. Melville, Mullen & Slade, Melbourne.
1893 – Mortlock, J.J. (1893) Australian amateur gardener. George Robertson, Melbourne. Amateur series, no. 3.
189? – Young, A. (189?) The New South Wales gardener: a handbook to the garden. Anderson & Co., Sydney.
1896 – Eliott, W. (1896) Cole’s Australasian gardening and domestic floriculture.
Cole. Melbourne. Later edition: 1903.
1897 – Yates, Arthur, & Co. (1897) Hints for amateurs: Yates gardening guide for Australia and New Zealand. 3rd ed. Yates, Sudney & Auckland.
1900 – Clarson, W. (1900) The flower garden and shrubbery with directions as to the management of the bush house, fernery, conservatory and other ornamental and useful home surroundings of the cottage and villa Anderson & Co, Sydney. 9th ed. Rev. by F. Hannaford. A.H. Massina & Co., Melbourne.
Cole, E.W. (n.d.) Cole’s penny garden guide: what to do each month in the flower, fruit and kitchen garden . E.W. Cole, Melbourne.
1903 – Luffmann, C.B. (1903) Principles of gardening for Australia. “Book Lovers Library”, Melbourne.
1910 – Guilfoyle, W.R. (1910) Australian plants, suitable for gardens, parts, timber reserves. Whitcombe & Tombs, Melbourne.


1875-1940 – Garden and field, v. 1-64(12); 1875-1940 Adelaide and Melbourne
1902-1903 – Garden gazette. July 1902-September 1903 Melbourne.
1855-1856 – Gardener’s magazine and journal of rural economy. Ed. J. Sinclair. v.1(1-11); 1855-56. Melbourne
1877-1878 – Horticultural magazine and garden guide. v. 1-2(12); 1877-78. Later Australian horticultural magazine and garden guide.
1864-1871 – Horticultural magazine and gardeners’ and amateurs’ calendar, containing the transactions of the horticultural Society of Sydney. v.1, 1864 continued to at least 1871. Sydney.
1857-1861 – Victorian agricultural and horticultural gazette. v.1-5(13), 1857/8-61. Geelong.

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